Things New Commercial Property Managers Should Know

  • The Lease is The Rule and Guide Book

Before tenants move into any space, they sign a lease with the landlord.  Leases stipulate the terms, conditions, rules, regulations and the responsibilities of both parties (tenant and landlord).  Everything written down and signed in agreement and accordance to provides the rules and guides as to how the lease is to be administered by the property manager.  Reference the lease frequently for any questions.

  • Client/Customer Based Business

Commercial Property Management is a client/customer based business.  The job requires that we interface with clients continuously throughout our work.  Clients include both owners, landlords and tenants.  Building relationships between all parties is a must.

  • Listen, Listen, Listen

People want to be heard, it is human nature.  Tenants will want to let you know all the issues and concerns they have.  Owners will want to let you know what they expect from their tenants and from their property managers.  Our job is to gather all the pertinent information and find the best solutions and processes to address all the issues and concerns that both landlords and tenants have.



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